Rugged PTZ Camera is used for Boats,Marine

Rugged PTZ Cameras For Patrol Ships & Boats

The PTZ supports ONVIF, which can be easily connected with HikVision NVR and Dahua NVR,Milestone CMS and so on. Infrared light auxiliary camera can see 120mm (laser can be farther) objects.IP67 waterproof ptz case ensures that the camera can withstand the erosion of water and rain.

Rugged PTZ Camera is used for vehicles

Compact Rugged PTZ Cameras For Vehicle

Portable surveillance provides mobile features. The system can be installed on a vehicle and the central station can see the video from the scene while the police are patrolling. Our rugged HD infrared camera is designed for portable surveillance applications: IP66 weatherproof, Infrared lighting, fast magnet deployment, compact size. With an additional wireless communication unit, video can be easily sent to the central station.

Rugged PTZ Camera is used for quick delopment

Rugged PTZ Cameras For Rapid Deployment

Compact Rugged PTZ Cameras combined with portable power supply can be used for quick deployment

Rugged PTZ Camera & Thermal PTZ Camera integrate with UGV/EOD system

PTZ Cameras For UGV/EOD

The PTZ Camera can be easily integrated into the UGV / EOD system. It is controlled by the standard PELCO-D control protocol. And can accurately inquire and set the pan, tilt, and zoom position.
There are also IP models, which provide a development interface with TCP to get camera images the TCP protocol and control the PTZ ,for motion detection, intelligent analysis algorithms. Perfect integration into UGV / EOD system.